Barry Bonds Really Wants To Sell His $23.5 Million Mansion; Any Takers?

By Devin O'Barr

Barry Bonds usually finds himself in the news for steroid-related issues, but this time MLB‘s all-time leader in home runs is making waves for something else — the swimming pool in his backyard. The pool is just one part of Bonds’ $23.5 million mansion and it’s for sale! Along with the entire property.

Barry Bonds

Now, the San Francisco Giants‘ legend likely doesn’t get along too well with his neighbors considering nearly anyone with a baseball pulse can’t stand Bonds, but it’s uncertain why the former left fielder wants to sell his home so badly. Perhaps, Bonds is looking to sell the home to Alex Rodriguez? Those steroid guys all stick together, right?

Even still, Bonds has recently slashed the price of his mansion bringing the overall price down from $25 million to a cheap $23.5 million. Strike fast, folks! The ultimate irony would be if Bonds’ long-time nemesis Jeff Kent bought the home and just trashed it. Surely, Kent could find something better to do, but it would be hilarious nonetheless.

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At the end of the day; Bonds isn’t exactly bankrupt, yet. However, it’s just a matter of time before Bonds is selling off his memorabilia — ala O.J. Simpson — to try and turn a quick buck. Until then, here’s another picture of Bonds’ lavish home just for those millionaires who might actually be interested in dropping over $20 million on a property.

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