New York Mets Rumors: Team Needs To Seal Deal With Curtis Granderson

By Bryan Zarpentine
Curtis Granderson
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There are widespread reports that the New York Mets have been involved in talks with free agent outfielder Curtis Granderson for the past two days, if not longer. The talks are rumored to be serious, yet a deal has not been finalized, and there are rumors that despite ongoing negotiations with the Mets, Granderson is still talking with other teams. The Mets have come a long way with Granderson and appear to be close to signing him, but they need to finalize a deal soon and make sure he doesn’t get away from them.

Rumors indicate that the Mets are hoping to sign Granderson to a three-year contract, but that he may be holding out for a fourth year, leaving a window open for him to sign with someone other than the Mets if a fourth year is offered. The Mets could all but seal the deal if they guarantee a fourth year, which is exactly what they should do.

Granderson isn’t so young anymore, but the injuries that kept him off the field last season weren’t related to age, so that should be less of an issue than it is with other potential free agents, and the Mets shouldn’t be worried about committing to Granderson for four years.

Rumors indicate that Granderson could sign for roughly $17 million per year, which may sound like a lot and is certainly more than the Mets wanted to spend heading into the offseason; however, considering some of the other free agent deals that have already been signed, $17 million for Granderson sounds like a fair price for this market.

Signing Granderson is a move the Mets need to make. They’ve been fairly quiet this offseason, and it’s time they make some noise, and signing Granderson will do just that. Moreover, if they lose out on Granderson, their options in the outfield will start to dwindle, and it’ll put a lot of pressure on general manager Sandy Alderson to pull off a trade for an outfielder at the MLB Winter Meetings next week.

The Mets appear to be so close to signing Granderson, and they need to finish the deal soon; the fan base is growing restless and impatient. Fans are sick of hearing rumors about the Mets and Granderson and they want something official, and with every day that passes, they get more and more nervous that the deal will fall through and the Mets will lose out on what would be a great addition to their outfield.


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