New York Mets' Stock Goes Up Significantly With Curtis Granderson Signing

By Andrew Fisher
Curtis Granderson
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB offseason is certainly in full swing. Curtis Granderson has now become the latest free agent to sign with a new team, as he inked a deal with the New York Mets on Friday. The contract is reportedly worth $60 million over four years and it sets the Mets up with a nice pair of bats in their lineup for the 2014 season and beyond. Granderson will join David Wright at the top of the New York batting order and the two will no doubt form a great left-right hitting combo for the Mets.

While Granderson’s deal won’t get as much attention as Robinson Cano‘s, I believe it’s a more important deal in the scheme of things. Granderson joining the Mets instantly brings their stock up to the point where you have to buy them as playoff contenders in 2014. Clearly, the Atlanta Braves are the class of the NL East right now and they’ll again be favored to win the division in 2014, but now the Mets have gotten a step closer to legitimately competing with them.

It’s debatable whether or not the Mets overpaid for Granderson, but the four-year/$60 million seems about right. It’s a deal that’s maybe a little on the high side, but not really when you consider what Granderson’s former team just signed Jacoby Ellsbury for.

The CF is a good fit with the other New York team and I look for him to continue to produce at his current pace for the full length of his deal with the Mets. We’ll have to see what else the Mets do to strengthen their roster, but there’s no doubt they acquired their main target with the signing of Granderson.


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