Seattle Mariners Overpay For Robinson Cano

By Andrew Fisher
Robinson Cano
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We’ve heard the chatter for a couple of days now, but many wrote it off as just that. However, it looks like there was some merit to the Robinson Cano to the Seattle Mariners rumors after all. The second baseman has reportedly agreed to a 10-year/$240 million with the Mariners, which ends weeks of speculation as to where he might sign and how much he might make. Cano was reportedly looking for a $300 million contract, so it seems that he had to ‘settle’ for $240 million.

So what does the move mean for the Mariners and what does it mean for the New York Yankees?

In the case of Seattle, they’ve clearly just landed one of the best players in baseball. Cano is the game’s best second baseman and he puts up great numbers year in and year out. But does his addition really make the Mariners that much better? I don’t think so. Obviously, they’re a better team than they were 24 hours ago – but playoff bound in 2014? Probably not. We’ll have to wait and see what other pieces the Seattle front office puts around him.

As for the Yankees, they’ve taken a huge hit with Cano’s decision. Sure, they’ve inked a couple of big name free agents so far this offseason, but they really needed Cano back. However, they weren’t going to pay him anything close to $240 million. So unlike the Mariners, the Yankees are now not as good as they were 24 hours ago.

Overall, the big winner in all of this is Cano. He got a huge deal and he’s set for the rest of his life. The Mariners overpaid for him and they likely won’t be that much better in the years to come unless they bring in a ton more talent.


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