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5 Detroit Tigers Additions By Subtraction

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5 Former Detroit Tigers Players Who Helped The Team By Leaving

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You know that girlfriend you had that became fat when you left her, and you realized how lucky you were to part ways? I don't because I have never had a girlfriend, but that I imagine would be similar to the feeling the Detroit Tigers are going to be feeling in a few years after looking back at these five players who have parted ways with the team this offseason. Some of the splits have been hurtful like seeing Jim Leyland retire or Doug Fister traded for an open bag of peanuts, but the players leaving will actually help the Detroit Tigers in the long run for the most part.

Whether it be because of salary reasons or just personality reasons, these five players who have left the team will end up helping the Tigers refocus their efforts towards better players who fit into a better team. When you look at how many players have changed zip codes this offseason, it can be a little eye-opening. In the end, the Tigers still look to be one of the better teams in all of baseball even after losing as many players as they have.

No need to bust out some Adele-inspired writing for these breakups -- the Tigers decided they were going to break up first. We love to see you go and we also love to see you leave, it's not you ... well actually, it kind of is you. Please give back that sweater we lent you, we have someone new to give it to.

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5. Jose Veras

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Jose Veras just never worked out the way the Tigers had hoped when they traded for him at the deadline last season. He wasn't awful, but we will always remember the Shane Victorino grand slam he famously gave up that ended the Tigers' season.

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4. Ramon Santiago

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Super-utility man Ramon Santiago is a great guy, but he has no business being within 50 feet from a baseball field.

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3. Matt Tuiasosopo

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Okay, I'll admit this is only a positive because I hated spelling his last name.

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2. Jhonny Peralta

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The first positive is the spelling. Jhonny? Really? My Microsoft Word thanks you for departing. Besides that, Peralta got way too much money for what he is actually worth. The Tigers are better for spending that money elsewhere.

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1. Prince Fielder

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This is like the time you dated a knockout looks-wise, but you found out early on there was nothing more than their looks. Prince Fielder was only worth his beautiful, beautiful looks.