New York Yankees: Signing Carlos Beltran Will Be Boom Or Bust

By Michael Pidgeon
Carlos Beltran
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the New York Yankees and outfielder Carlos Beltran agreed to a three year deal worth $45 million. That breaks down to New York paying Beltran $15 million a year, which is a great deal as long as Beltran handles New York like he has handled every other place he’s played.

Earlier in the day, former Yankee Robinson Cano left New York to sign a very lucrative contract with the Seattle Mariners. After that occurred, the Yankees were well aware of the extra cash they now had to spend. That opened up the door for New York to snatch the highly prized Beltran to play rightfield and occasionally DH for the Bronx Bombers.

The Beltran addition gives the Yankees a very solid outfield combination of Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury and Beltran from left to right, respectively. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen how Beltran handles the pressure of playing in the spotlight of New York and wearing those pinstripes for the Yankees.

Carlos is very professional and understands what needs to be done on the field, but how will Beltran handle it if the fans turn on him? The fans in New York somehow have the ability to turn a star player into a shell of his former self. They have done it before and I’m sure they will do it again. However, is Beltran’s skin thick enough to the point where he can drown out any boos that may occur and continue to play to the best of his ability like he has everywhere else in his career?

If Beltran remains healthy and plays well, the Yankees made a great acquisition and will be improved greatly by the addition of Carlos. On the other hand, if Beltran is unable to handle the New York spotlight and fails to live up to the expectations, then New York will have just another old player on their squad for numerous years, which is nothing new for the Yankees. As of now, everyone in New York has the right to celebrate this signing, but there is a huge boom or bust reaction that will come out of it.

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