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Ranking the Top 10 MLB Second Base Prospects Heading into 2014

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Ranking the Top 10 MLB Second Base Prospects Heading into 2014

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Every position on the Major League Baseball diamond is valuable in one way or another. If there was any doubt about just how valuable the second baseman can be to a team, Robinson Cano has probably rid the baseball world of it by now. Matt Carpenter is also a recent example of what a second bagger can do to help a team. Who will be the next few second basemen that come along and have a strong impact?

The great thing about the position of second base is that the expectations are very wide ranging. Some like Carpenter and Cano can be thunderous with the bat and decent with the glove. Others can be light hitters but magical with the glove and their range. Rarely there comes one along that has the huge bat and great range as well. Either way it goes, the position should be one vital to the success of the team.

Those second basemen you are about to see will have the best chance to be the best second basemen over the next several years. The plus of second base is that usually players don’t move around a lot from that position. Sometimes they do but usually they can be said to stick to second. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something you want to add.

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10 – Mookie Betts

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Aside from having one of the more entertaining names in the minor leagues, Betts won’t be the #16 Boston Red Sox prospect for long with the 2013 he put up. How does 15 home runs, 65 RBI along with a .314 average and OPS north of .900 sound? He is cut in the same mold as the fellow the Sox have manning the position now. He has time to grow and we have time to wonder what the Sox will do with him when he is ready.

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9 – Cesar Hernandez

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Hernandez is the #14 Philadelphia Phillies prospect and actually that appears to be low when you consider his performance at the MLB level in his short call-up of 34 games. He put up an average of .283 with 10 RBI in that span. I think that’s good enough to be willing to allow a veteran second bagger to go another direction; but that’s just me. Hernandez is able to play the outfield as well.

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8 – Dilson Herrera

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Herrera is the #9 New York Mets prospect and has a few years to grow into his tremendous potential. Already posting an OPS of .750 with 11 jacks and 60 RBI makes one think he could be a complete second baseman by the time his promotion to the next level arrives.

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7 – Wilmer Flores

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Flores is also with the New York Mets but he ranks up at #4 on their overall list. They say he has big offensive potential to along with solid defense. His 2013 season which consisted of a .321 average, .887 OPS, 15 home runs and 86 RBI would tend to suggest that they are right.

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6 – Taylor Lindsey

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Lindsey ranks as the Los Angeles Angels #3 prospect. He is the type of player that would make it a little less strange for the Angels to be willing to part ways with Howie Kendrick. Lindsey gets every bit of potential out of his aggressive play and will play everyday for someone in MLB without a doubt in the next couple of years. It might just be that he has as much or more impact than any of the Angels trio of top prospects.

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5 – Arismendy Alcantara

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Alcantara has the tools to be able to make a substantial impact in the majors with work. The Chicago Cubs rank him as their #8 overall prospect for potential reasons and good ones at that. He needs work with his defense and with his offensive approach to bring strikeouts down. He already can bring in a .271/.804 line so more and better contact would obviously help him take a huge step forward.

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4 – Rougned Odor

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It is possible that the Texas Rangers had Rougned in mind when they traded Ian Kinsler away. He is their #4 prospect and brought in impressive numbers in 2013. A .306 average and .839 OPS with 11 homers should speak for itself. He was only 19 in the 2013 season and is moving forward at a very quick pace.

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3 – Delino Deshields

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Deshields has clearly established himself as one of MLB’s best prospects for many reasons. His ability at second base is plenty good enough to get him to the majors but with the Houston Astros having Jose Altuve stuck there, Deshields has the ability to transfer to the outfield. He is still a top second base prospect however, at least for now. He has time to grow and already impresses offensively to the point that some figure he should already be MLB ready.

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2 – Eddie Rosario

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Rosario might not be quite as talked about as some of the others but if not, its only because he is a Minnesota Twins prospect. He is however ranked #5 for them which puts him just below the #1 and #3 overall prospects in all of the game of baseball. I guess he can’t be too shabby. When he and the Twins agree that he is ready for the big promotion, I doubt very seriously that he will disappoint in any way.

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1 – Kolten Wong

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Wong might already be blocked at second base but the St. Louis Cardinals can get very creative with that situation if they chose. Wong already has seen MLB action as anyone who watched the World Series would remember. His numbers were quite a bit lower in MLB than his .303/.835 minor league numbers. That doesn’t take away from his great skills and potential however. Whether the Card shift things around this next season and put him somewhere or wait for another year, Wong will be in the show for someone very soon.