Boston Red Sox Should Trust Xander Bogaerts And Let Stephen Drew Walk

By Patrick Wynne
Photo Courtesy of Boston Red Sox’s Official Facebook Page

The time has come to let the beast that is Xander Bogaerts off his leash and let Stephen Drew get the pay increase only he and Scott Boras believe he deserves. As a Boston Red Sox fan, I am truly thankful for his contributions in last season’s World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals, but I believe he is not as good as he thinks he is. Because of the championship ring he now possesses, he is worth a lot more for prospective teams, and super-agent Boras will get him the mega deal he wants.

That being said, I hope the Red Sox don’t offer him the mega bucks, and instead trust their No. 1 prospect Bogaerts,who, in my opinion, outperformed Drew when it mattered the most in the World Series. I won’t argue that Bogaerts has reached his prime or has matured enough to be a superstar just yet, but I will argue that he needs to be given the chance to succeed. Most people in baseball are skeptical about allowing young, inexperienced players the chance to shine, but some who have had the guts to do it have been heavily rewarded. The Washington Nationals have trusted Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, and even though they are still very young, they are better than most veterans.

That being said, Boston GM Ben Cherington and manager John Farrell should not worry about losing Drew and his pathetic production at the plate, and know that this young man will make us forget Drew even existed. Bogaerts is fast, has power, hits to the opposite field, and has plus defense, all at the tender age of 21; one could argue that Drew has never really had any of those qualities. The time has come to allow Drew to leave and let Bogaerts become the superstar he is meant to be.

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