Ranking the Top 10 MLB Shortstop Prospects Heading into 2014

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Ranking the Top 10 MLB Shortstop Prospects Heading into 2014

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There is as much if not more turnover at the MLB shortstop position than any other position on the field. Countless times a player will be brought in as a shortstop and then be flipped to another position for defensive reasons or something else. Chipper Jones was drafted as a shortstop and might go down as one of the better third basemen in recent history. Just because a player was not kept at the shortstop spot doesn’t mean they aren’t great players after all.

In fact it just means that shortstop is a tough position. There are good arms, then great arms and then there are shortstop arms. There is no infield throw in the game longer than the one that must be made from deep short to first base. That throw has to be made all the time and it must be made routinely or they just can’t cut it at the position. There is no shame at all in that statement.

What will follow as you click through are the top shortstops in baseball’s minor league prospect system. Even among the top ten shortstop prospects in the game, there are a few that likely won’t stick at short during their MLB careers. Those that do can certainly be considered the best of the best shortstops. Without further delay, here are the top ten shortstop prospects. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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10 – Hak-Ju Lee

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Lee comes in as the Tampa Bay Rays #3 overall prospect and he doesn’t disappoint. His .422 batting average and 1.136 OPS might be from a shorter season but they certainly are not to be ignored. He has all of the tools on defense to be a wizard-level player almost and clearly his offensive skills are showing themselves.

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9 – Luis Sardinas

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With Elvis Andrus entrenched at shortstop, the Texas Rangers don’t have any reason to rush Sardinas to the big leagues even if he is their #2 prospect. His defensive skills are solid already and he has a ton of offensive potential that could begin to be realized very soon.

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8 – Corey Seager

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Seager is the #2 prospect of the Los Angeles Dodgers. His 16 home runs and 72 RBI speak to his strength on offense. Because the Dodgers have other options currently and on the way at shortstop, Seager could end up being moved to third base. It isn’t because he doesn’t have the talent to play shortstop however.

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7 – Adalberto Mondesi

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Mondesi has a famous name and is the #4 overall prospect of the Kansas City Royals. The name won’t hand him success however so he has to do the hard work to get better. All of the tools are there for him but he just needs more work all around to be the great complete shortstop that he can potentially be.

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6 – Alen Hanson

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Hanson is the #4 Pittsburgh Pirates prospect and though they could eventually flip him over to second base, he has the all around tools to succeed I either of the middle infield positions.

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5 – Addison Russell

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Russell is the well known #1 prospect of the Oakland Athletics and looks to be MLB ready to many experts right now. His 17 homers and 60 RBI are doing nothing to change that mindset. He probably needs most of another minor league season to be fully ready, but he could come along at basically any time.

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4 – Javier Baez

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Baez is part of the ever improving Chicago Cubs farm system, coming in at #1 overall. Some think Baez will be MLB ready in 2014 and his tremendous offensive numbers this past season most certainly agree with that.

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3 – Carlos Correa

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Correa is the highly thought of #1 prospect of the Houston Astros. Many thought he was a money pick as the top drafted player but the young shortstop is most certainly proving that wrong with his progress and his play. He is just getting started good but should be the top shortstop prospect within a year at the most.

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2 – Xander Bogaerts

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Bogaerts is a perfect example of the versatility of a shortstop prospect when they reach the majors. We all saw this #1 Boston Red Sox prospect playing his heart out mostly at third base during the recent World Series run for the Sox. Whether he sticks at third or returns to his native shortstop for the 2014 season, he still is one of the best shortstops in the land if he plays that position.

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1 – Francisco Lindor

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The #1 prospect of the Cleveland Indians and one of the highest ranked overall prospects in all of baseball, Lindor has only confirmed his value since his professional career started. He is probably the best defensive shortstop among all of the prospects and his offense is more than good enough to land him as the top up and coming shortstop in the minors.