2013 MLB Winter Meetings: Minnesota Twins Pushing for Bronson Arroyo

By David Miller
Bronson Arroyo
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins made plenty of noise before the 2013 MLB Winter Meetings began by signing two free agent pitchers to help their starting staff become more substantial. Most probably figured they were finished with their pitching dealing, or at least finished with bigger names after signing both Ricky Nolasco and Phil Hughes. That doesn’t appear to be the case however if rumors of them going for Bronson Arroyo are true.

There are always rumors around these meetings but they don’t always mean anything. For example just because the New York Mets were seen talking to Bartolo Colon’s agent doesn’t really mean they are suddenly willing to pay the asking price that they have said was too high. This situation with the Twins and Arroyo appears to be different however. They are seriously negotiating a possible deal.

What exactly is the sticking point on the deal is up in the air. One rumor suggested that Arroyo wants a guarantee third year and that might be it but no one can say for sure except for the parties and they aren’t talking yet. For the Twins to make this big of a push for a third well known starting pitching free agent is positively shocking in many ways.

The guys they have so far are guaranteed innings eaters and that is what Arroyo is as well. Except for one season with 199, he has had 200 plus innings every season since 2005. He would make another substantial upgrade for this team as they try and make some noise going into this upcoming season. A starting staff that could have a slightly higher ERA than the best one in the bigs but that eats innings would be huge for the Twins.

Not only would it create a situation where they had a fighting chance on a game to game basis but it would also provide a situation where they could save their bullpen a ton of innings. Both things could be big factors for making them a force in the AL Central.

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