Detroit Tigers Need To Trade For Brett Gardner

By Brent Smith
Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers have a very large need for a left fielder, and they also have a very large need for some speed and defense. Brett Gardner embodies every aspect that the Tigers need right now. The market is thin for outfielders with most of the big free agent names being taken off the board, and now is the time for the Tigers to strike with the recent news that Gardner is on the market. It is time for the Tigers to get creative and pull off another major trade during the Winter Meetings like they seem to do each year.

Some will say that it is better to just sign a player currently on the market so you don’t have to lose prospects or other pieces, but the current market can’t match what Brett Gardner offers the Tigers. The luxury of having a speedster who can bat for contact and play tremendous defense cannot be overstated and it is frankly shocking that he is even available for trade. The time is now for the Tigers to make their move and fill some of their biggest issues for the 2014 season; there’s no better way to start that than by trading for Gardner.

One key for the Tigers in trading for Gardner will be making sure not to give too much. There is a need to move Gardner so the Tigers can start low and eventually reach a deal with say Rick Porcello and a lower prospect or two. As long as the price remains respectable there is no better available move for Dave Dombrowski than making a deal for Gardner.

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