Jose Veras Could Find Himself Back with Houston Astros

By Michael Terrill
Jose Veras Could Find Himself Back with Houston Astros
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Relief pitcher Jose Veras began the 2013 Major League Baseball season with the Houston Astros, but was traded to the Detroit Tigers on July 29. Apparently, Veras could begin the 2014 season with the Astros as well as the team searches for an arm to bolster the bullpen.

Veras was never intended to be the closer for the Astros last season, especially since he has never really participated in that role. Instead, he was signed by the team to bring some much-needed veteran presence to the bullpen. However, Veras pitched well enough in Spring Training to be given the closer role, which was something he excelled at. In fact, he recorded 19 saves in 42 appearances with Houston last season.

The 33-year-old did a decent job in the setup role for the Tigers, which could be a big reason why the Astros want to sign him this offseason. The fact that he has shown the ability to have success in multiple pitching roles gives Houston plenty of reason to bring him back. Not to mention, Veras had one of his better seasons of his career in 2013.

Obviously, the Astros have multiple needs on the roster. With that being said, it’s important that the organization rebuild one player at a time and not rush themselves. Veras would be a solid addition that would allow the team to go in multiple different directions as far as relievers go. Once the bullpen is handled, they can begin to rebuild other areas on the team.

Along with his 21 saves, Veras posted a 3.02 ERA, 60 strikeouts and nine holds in 67 appearances.

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