Chicago Cubs No Longer In On Washington Nationals Relievers

By Michael Terrill
Chicago Cubs No Longer In On Washington Nationals Relievers
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs’ horrendous bullpen needs much improvement if the team wants to hold their head high in 2014. Unfortunately, the exciting news about the Cubs possibly acquiring Drew Storen or Tyler Clippard from the Washington Nationals on the first day of the 2013 Winter Meetings has come to a halt.

“Also, it seems as though talks between the Nats and Cubs about Clippard and Storen never went anywhere. Told that one is dead,” tweeted Adam Kilgore, who is the Nationals beat writer for the Washington Post.

It’s certainly disappointing for the Cubs, but not surprising. The fact is the Nationals were only going to part ways with either reliever for a quality deal. The problem with that is Chicago has no quality to trade. Not to mention, they can’t afford to package together any prospects because they are in the process of rebuilding the team.

There’s no question Clippard’s 2.41 earned run average in 72 appearances would have been a welcomed sight in the Windy City. Even Storen, who struggled in 2013, is someone that would have instantly improved Chicago’s bullpen.

At this point, the Cubs are going to have to look elsewhere for relievers. That could very well mean don’t expect any more talk at the Winter Meetings. No team is going to give Chicago the time of day when they clearly don’t have anything of value to offer.

The Cubs’ bullpen ranked 13th in the National League with a 4.04 ERA in 2013. They also blew 18 saves and struck out just 418 batters.

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