Philadelphia Phillies General Manager Changing Up Plans For 2014?

By Rebekah Milsted
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The Philadelphia Phillies disappointed everyone as they have failed to make the playoffs two years in a row. Near the end of the season it seemed as if the front office decided that they were going to rebuild the team to make it younger in hopes that maybe they could become playoff contenders in the future, but a few weeks ago that plan seemed to change. Ruben Amaro Jr. announced the signing of outfielder Marlon Byrd who is 36 years old. They also made a couple other signings of players who are a little older in age. This made everyone question whether the Phillies are rebuilding, but that plan may have changed once again.

This morning the news broke that the Phillies are willing to trade their star pitchers Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee coming just one day after Roy Halladay announced his retirement. If they do decide to trade these two who will be left? They will have Kyle Kendrick who can be shaky. They also have Jonathan Pettibone but it will be his first complete season in the Majors. He may still have those rookie nerves.

Hamels had a record of 8-14, but his record does not indicate what type of season he had because the offense was unable to score for him. He had an ERA of 3.60 and was able to strike out 202 batters. Hamels was the Phillies’ Opening Day starter this season. He has certainly matured and grown into a talented pitcher. The Phillies should not give that up as he is one of their best players.

Lee was their ace this season as he finished with a record of 14-8. His ERA was 2.87. Every time Lee stepped on the mound you knew the Phillies had a chance to win. He was chosen to be on the National League All-Star team this season along as in 2011.  Why trade a pitcher who brings wins to the team? Isn’t the goal to win?

The Phillies need to make up their mind quickly with what they want to do. In my opinion it wouldn’t make sense to trade both Hamels and Lee. If they want to be playoff contenders now or down the road you have to keep at least one because every team needs an ace. It would be ideal to keep both.

I think the Phillies should slowly start to rebuild instead of doing it all at once. That way they have a slight chance at making the playoffs and it will keep the fans interested. If they trade all the key players and get no names it will be hard to fill the seats. It will be interesting to see what happens by April.

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