Philadelphia Phillies Rumors: Does Cole Hamels Want Out Of His Contract?

By Marilee Gallagher
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While the Philadelphia Phillies‘ claims of rebuilding left many fans skeptical, one move that seemed to have a positive reaction among most of the fanbase was the re-signing of Cole Hamels. Expected to be the veteran leader of this new core, the Phillies made Hamels a very rich man last season. But now that the dust is settling and Hamels can see his situation for what it is, might the veteran southpaw want out of Philadelphia?

Recently, Hamels sat down with Philadelphia Magazine to give an interview about his wife Heidi and all of the good and charitable works their foundation is doing. The reporter, a lifelong Phillies fan, took the time to ask Hamels a few baseball-related questions. To his surprise, Hamels was very candid and honest and out of the small-talk, Philly Mag’s newest article was born.

Hamels called out the poor hitting from last season as well as the not-so-easy clubhouse environment. He observed that the team had put off the process of rebuilding and that as a result, the losses kept piling up. His exact words were, “You have to know when to start over.” It sounds simple, but at the same time, they are a direct criticism of the team’s management.

The problem, which Hamels so wisely articulated, was that the Phillies did not know when to rebuild or perhaps they ignorantly chose not to. Whatever the reason, Hamels did seem optimistic about the present or future even with the additional Wild Card spot.

Most surprisingly, Hamels did not toe the company line. He spoke candidly about how he felt, which is entirely within his right. The only thing is, when a guy of Hamels’ significance starts criticizing management, it is normally part of a larger story. Is it possible that Hamels sees the writing on the wall? Is it possible he is actively trying to work his way out of Philadelphia because he wants to win and knows he can’t do that with the Phillies?

Whatever the reason, Hamels’ honesty is refreshing. Phillies fans had been fed the party line about rebuilding and winning for the past five years. It’s a nice speech, but it has only served to put the organization’s problems the organization in a bigger light. Actions speak louder than words, and with the MLB Winter Meetings now underway, Hamels could find himself on a new team in no time.

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