Andrew McCutchen Proposed To Girlfriend On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By Michael Terrill
Andrew McCutchen Proposed To Girlfriend On The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Photo courtesy of @MariaHanslovan

Everything appears to be going right for Pittsburgh Pirates centerfielder Andrew McCutchen. The slugger was a huge reason why the Pirates were able to clinch their first postseason berth since 1992, he won the National League Most Valuable Player Award and he recently got engaged.

The latter is the most interesting as he did it on a daytime talk show in front of a live audience. That’s right. McCutchen proposed to his girlfriend, Maria Hanslovan, on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Ellen’s talk show is usually filled with moments that make the audience go wild. With that being said, I can’t imagine of a more exciting setting than a professional baseball player getting down on one knee and putting it all on the line in front of so many people. Granted, there’s no way Hanslovan would have said no. Nonetheless, it was a ballsy move.

Not only does McCutchen make the unthinkable happen on the field, but also he manages to impress in his personal life. He probably got a little help from Ellen, but there’s no question the proposal was his idea.

McCutchen and Hanslovan have been dating for roughly two years, which is before he signed his six-year, $51.5 million contract extension. So for those of you thinking she’s in it for the money you better think again.

The 27-year-old began the proposal with a video of him and some baseball highlights. However, the video quickly turned into him talking about Hanslovan, who just so happened to be sitting in the audience, and how the couple met.

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