Lackluster Winter Meetings and Offseason Could Prove Costly For Toronto Blue Jays

By Jonny Adornetto
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Blue Jays‘ front office has no reason at all to be comfortable with the current team that they have put together for the 2014 season. They are in desperate need of starting pitching help, and also boast a very weak presence at the plate coming from their options at second base. Alex Anthopoulos‘ continuous refusal to sign free agents is starting to catch up with him as other MLB teams seem to be blowing him off when it comes down to the trade market.

Anthopoulos has had his time in the sun. He was held up on an enormous pedestal by Blue Jays fans after he took on the infamous salary dump trade with the Miami Marlins last offseason. We all know how well that worked out.

Jose Reyes missed 50-plus games, Josh Johnson is no longer a member of the team, and Emilio Bonifacio is now having a love affair (per his Instagram account) with the Kansas City Royals after being traded for absolutely nothing. Nice work, Mr. Anthopoulos.

Now here we are at the MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando, FL, a block of days set for wheeling and dealing and speaking face-to-face with free agents across MLB. It’s been so far so good for teams such as the Arizona Diamondbacks and even lowly Marlins. For the Blue Jays, they decided to hire a first base coach and sign Roy Halladay for 24 hours so that he could retire in a Blue Jays uniform. How exactly is the city of Toronto supposed to get excited about that?

It’s impossible to figure out where Anthopoulos’ head is presently at. After the joke of a season his team had in 2013, you would think that Anthopoulos would change his strategy at least a little bit in trying to sign maybe one or two free agents. That unfortunately hasn’t been the case as he still believes he can land the help that he needs via trade. Guess what? The tank is empty, Alex. You dumped it on the Marlins over a year ago. It’s not going to happen again.

Anthopoulos is a talented GM, but it seems as though he is having a hard time admitting that his current managerial tactics just aren’t going to work at the present time. The fact that he won’t go after any highly sought-after free agents and that he is having trouble finding a trade partner doesn’t bode well for the Blue Jays in the near future. As of right now, it looks as though Blue Jays fans are in for another basement-dwelling season thanks to their once-crafty GM.

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