Los Angeles Dodgers Rumors: Matt Kemp Not Getting Traded?

By Michael Pidgeon
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The on again off again decision to trade center fielder Matt Kemp is apparently off again. However, according to Kemp’s agent, it’s for good this time. If the Los Angeles Dodgers have decided to not trade Kemp, will this backfire in their face or did the Dodgers make the correct decision regarding his future in Los Angeles?

Due to injuries, Matt’s production has left a whole lot to be desired ever since the Dodgers signed him to a franchise record eight-year, $160 million contract extension following the 2011 season.

If Los Angeles were to trade Kemp not only would they have to eat a huge chunk of his contract, but they would be selling very low on the former runner-up for the National League MVP. However, if the Dodgers decided to keep Kemp on the roster it makes for some tight playing time between Kemp and the other three quality outfielders wearing Dodger Blue: Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Yasiel Puig.

Since it appears Matt won’t be going anywhere, the Dodgers still have a decision to make. Are they going to keep all four outfielders on the roster and allow manager Don Mattingly to devise an outfield rotation where all four players get decent playing time? If they do not want to do that, then we may now start hearing more rumors regarding Crawford and Ethier because there is no way Los Angeles parts ways with Puig.

In the end, the Dodgers made a very smart decision in deciding to not part ways with Kemp. I believe Matt still has a few good years left in him as long as he can stay healthy. Los Angeles is better off having Kemp in the middle of their lineup rather than having to face him. Hopefully this truly is the end of the Kemp rumors and L.A. can turn their focus elsewhere.

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