New York Mets Taking Risk Signing Bartolo Colon For Two Years

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Bartolo Colon
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It is very rare to see a player that is 40 years old get a two-year deal. But the New York Mets are rolling the dice and are giving Bartolo Colon a two-year deal worth around $20 million. Personally I thought the Mets should have stayed away.

The Mets inked outfielder Curtis Granderson to a four-year deal worth $60 million. General manager Sandy Alderson said that the Mets were not done making moves, and obviously he was telling the truth for once. But I think the Mets are taking a risk on a position they are relatively set at.

The Mets’ biggest needs are at shortstop, first base, and relief pitching. This move indicates that the Mets might be willing to trade one of their arms for a position player. Matt Harvey won’t be pitching next year so Colon might fit in as the team’s No. 2 or No. 3 starter next season.

You can’t deny that Colon had an excellent 2013 campaign by going 18-6 with a 2.65 ERA. Durability was not a problem either as he pitched three complete game shutouts. He also threw 190 innings which is pretty darn good for a 40 year old pitcher in a good hitting division like the AL West.

This is a move that Alderson did not have to make, but he is showing fans and people around the league that he is willing to spend money. This Colon deal is risky mostly because they gave him the second year, but hopefully Colon can repeat what he did last season.

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