'Jeopardy!' Takes a Hilarious Shot at Barry Bonds

By Andrew Fisher
Barry Bonds
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Barry Bonds went from being a person synonymous with hitting home runs and terrorizing MLB pitchers, to a person synonymous with cheating and lying. It’s never been officially proven, but most of us are about 99.9 percent sure that Bonds used steroids and PEDs during his career. He may not have started until the second half or later portion of his career, but there’s little doubt that the guy was on something to help boost his performance as his body aged.

It’s because of his suspected cheating, that many have proposed that his name should have an asterisk next to it in the MLB record books. Given that his name is at the top of the career home run list, it’s a pretty big debate in the baseball world.

But it’s not just baseball fans that have jumped on the ‘making fun of Bonds’ bandwagon. Check out this recent clip from the show Jeopardy!, where a clue takes a direct shot at baseball’s home run ‘king’:

That’s right, Alex Trebek and company used an asterisk in a clue about Barry Bonds. Genius!

So will Bonds ever make it into the baseball hall of fame? He’s on the ballot, but that’s as close as he’s going to get. There’s enough circumstantial evidence to connect the dots and just because he’s avoided serious jail time for allegedly lying under oath, it doesn’t really mean much in the HOF scheme of things. Voters can keep players out for a variety of reasons, but cheating is at the top of the list.


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