Robinson Cano Wasn't Disrespected By New York Yankees

By Andrew Fisher
Robinson Cano
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano gave the New York Yankees a taste of their own medicine last week. The All Star second baseman accepted a 10-year/$240 million offer from the Seattle Mariners, which officially ended his nine-year run in the Bronx. The Yankees are typically the organization that steals players away with large deals, but this time Seattle showed Cano the money and he gladly accepted.

The Mariners’ new second baseman was introduced in a press conference on Thursday and of course, he commented on his old team. So why did he leave the Yankees?

“I didn’t feel respect. I didn’t get respect from them. I was hoping they would come up with a better offer. My goal was to stay there,” said Cano.

The lack of respect that Cano is referring to, is the fact that he wasn’t offered a longer deal from the Yankees. Signing a 10-year deal was important to him, because he didn’t want to go through the free agent process again. He wanted a contract that would finish out his career and the Yankees apparently weren’t willing to give him that kind of deal.

For once, the Bronx Bombers seem to be in the right in regards to a player contract. Their ‘modest’ $175 million offer was just not enough for Cano and they were correct to not go any higher. Cano is really good at his job, but at 31-years of age, a 10-year deal just doesn’t make sense. The offer they had on the table is certainly not one I would label as disrespectful.

But now that his team change is in the rearview mirror, we can all see that Cano still got what he wanted. He won’t win as many games the rest of his career playing in Seattle instead of New York, but obviously that’s not important to him.


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