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10 Big-Name MLB Free Agents Who Will Stumble in 2014

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10 Big-Name MLB Free Agents Who Will Stumble in 2014

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The buzz at the end of the season is largely over and the 2013 MLB Winter Meetings have passed. A lot of big name free agents are already off of the market while others remain and await the best possible deal. For the big-name free agent, this is like Christmas but the payoff is long after December 25 for most of them. They want to sign for more money to have the chance to win a World Series.

Sadly everyone cannot succeed with new teams and new teams do not always have a chance at the World Series title. One team that failed to reach that milestone despite high-priced free agents over the previous several seasons was the Los Angeles Angels. The signing of free agent Albert Pujols and the 2013 signing of Josh Hamilton went nowhere last year because the big-name free agents stumbled all season long.

Unfortunately that pattern is bound to repeat itself because everyone cannot succeed. Hopefully each and every signed free agent will earn tons of money and a lot more adoring fans but they will not necessarily be good in 2014 just because they got money to play baseball. What follows is a list of predictions. These are the top 10 big name free agents that will stumble in 2014.

Some of them are already signed to a team and some as of this writing are not. Either way these are some of the biggest name free agents in the offseason this year and all eyes will watch to see what they do. For these few I don’t think all eyes will see good things in 2014. Leave a comment below if you have something to add.

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10 – Brian McCann – New York Yankees

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McCann is solid all around and will be again in 2014 but look for the pressure of New York and the legendary Yankees uniform to affect his production a little bit. It won’t be a huge slump but chances are he will go through some boo periods because of the ultra-high expectations of Yankees faithful. Over the course of the contract he’ll like be an all-star more times than not however.

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9 – Bartolo Colon – New York Mets

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Colon has been on a crazy roll considering his age and the amount of work he has put in. I hate to make it sound like luck so I won’t say the Mets just get good pitchers a little too late but look for Colon to begin to slow down starting in 2014. Chances are he will still be fairly productive but won’t be what he was for the Oakland Athletics either, thereby slumping.

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8 – Brian Wilson – Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Dodgers were smart to sign Wilson a year ago because of his ability and the very short season he had when signed off of surgery. This upcoming season will be a big one though in that the innings will be piling up for Wilson. Look for a strong start to fade quite a bit by the dog days of summer. I think he is definitely on the way back though.

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7 – Corey Hart – Seattle Mariners

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Hart is very likely to get swallowed up by the strange atmosphere around Mariners and the desperate measures they appear to have gone to this offseason. Chances are the M’s fans will wish they had Raul Ibanez and Kendrys Morales back before the end of the 2014 season.

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6 – Jhonny Peralta – St. Louis Cardinals

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Peralta will probably be a solid player all around but look for a slump in the way of power numbers. He doesn’t really need to be a huge contributor anyway because of the depth the Cardinals have. Still, his season is bound to be a personal slump compared to his last season or two in Detroit.

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5 – Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Miami Marlins

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Signing with the Marlins is good for Saltalamacchia in some ways and good for the team in a lot of ways. His personal offensive numbers could go substantially downward however because of the pitchers part that they have down there. Many of the current players have begged for the fences to be brought in and chances are Salty will join his voice to that group this season as well.

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4 – Carlos Beltran – New York Yankees

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Beltran isn’t going to have an MVP season for the Yankees. He’ll never have a bad defensive game which is plenty good and he will always be okay offensively. His regular season is not going to look like his postseason however which is bound to make a lot of Yankees faithful unhappy from time to time. Look for a slump for the season that will of course rebound greatly if the Yankees make the postseason.

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3 – Matt Garza – Unsigned

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Garza’s 2014 season is not really going to be that big of a slump over his career averages but for those who expect the run that he had just before the MLB trade deadline in 2013 to be the normal; his season will be a slump. Garza has good spells and bad spells; he’s streaky like a lot of hitters are. Whoever he signs with will have disgruntled fans for at least half the season who beg to know why their team signed Garza even though he’ll give solid stretches too.

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2 – Shin-Soo Choo – Unsigned

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Choo’s biggest villain is going to be his agent Scott Boras. He has draft-pick compensation tied to him as well which just makes it worse. Combine the two and Choo is likely to be on the market until the start of spring training if not longer unless his asking price goes down. That makes for a strange start to any season. For the money that will be paid for his services, Choo won’t be capable of coming close to living up to expectations which is sad because he’s a great ballplayer with a jerk of an agent.

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1 - Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners

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Cano signed too big of a contract for too long. Just like Josh Hamilton from a year ago with the Los Angeles Angels, he is destined to slump during this season. He is going towards the down side of age 30 anyway and is not guaranteed to continue having legendary offensive seasons for any longer. Look for this contract to live in A-Rod type infamy and haunt the rest of his career.