New York Mets Are Most Likely Done Signing Players

By Mike Cifarelli
Stephen Drew
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After the signings of Curtis GrandersonBartolo Colon and Chris Young, the New York Mets may be done spending for this offseason.

In a previous post, I mentioned the rumor that the Mets had planned to add about $40 million to the 2014 payroll. Sandy Alderson, the Met General Manager, said he wanted to be aggressive in free agency. Alderson delivered on that message (given the amount of money he had to spend).

Granderson adds a power bat to a lineup that virtually had none. Colon gives the rotation a boost, especially with Matt Harvey absent for this upcoming season. And, while he isn’t on par with the other two, Young gives the Mets more outfield depth.

However, those three signings may mean the Mets are done checking the free agent scene. Adding up what each player will make n 2014 you get $32.5 million. Granderson will make $15, Colon $10, and Young $7.5 million.

This does leave the Mets with another $7.5 million, but that would not be enough to add a known impact player. Johan Santana could be making a return, so that would be at least one million more off the books. This would completely take the Mets out of the Stephen Drew running.

Becoming more active in the trade market could be a possibility. The talks with the Milwaukee Brewers, about Ike Davis, don’t seem to making any real progress. Davis also doesn’t bring in much of a return.

Signing cheap players may still be an option, but if the Mets save more money this offseason that should allow them to put the left over money into someone big next offseason.

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