No Reason New York Yankees Should Feel Bad for Robinson Cano

By Michael Pidgeon
Robinson Cano
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano could have remained with the New York Yankees and helped continue the Yankees’ push for another World Series ring. Instead, Cano and his agent forced the Yankees to choose between giving Robinson a 10-year contract or letting the All-Star second baseman walk. Well, finally New York made the right decision involving themselves and a 30+ year old free agent.

Yankees’ president Randy Levine said he “feels bad for” Cano and there are no hard feelings with the way things transpired between New York and Cano. That is a ridiculous way of thinking. If Levine just wants to keep the tension from mounting then his statements will do the job. However, if he is serious about having no hard feelings then he’s holding his true feelings in.

The way Robinson handled his negotiations with the Yankees shows his lack of character, and he pretty much took a dump on his time in New York. Cano wanted a 10-year deal, and he got it. However, if he expects to win a championship with the Seattle Mariners he is sadly mistaken.

Cano chose money over loyalty. As a matter of fact, Cano chose money over future championships. Robinson made his bed, and now he has to lay in it. How long does it take until Cano realizes he made a huge mistake and tries to wiggle his way out of Seattle?

The Mariners may think they did the right thing by bringing Cano aboard and right now it may look that way. However, what Seattle may have done was just give themselves one huge headache before it’s all said and done.

Instead of saying “we feel bad for you Cano”, the Yankees should be saying “good riddance Cano” because that sums up this whole situation more than anything else.

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