Grading the New York Mets' Offseason So Far

By Mike Cifarelli
Bartolo Colon
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With the winter meetings over, it’s time to take a look at what the New York Mets have done so far. Coming into the offseason, the Mets said they would be aggressive. Early on it was hard to tell what exactly ‘aggressive’ meant, but that question has been answered.

With what was said to be, $40 million added to the payroll, the Mets had interest in plenty of players. They had a meeting with Robinson Cano and had several discussions about players like Nelson Cruz and Stephen Drew. While none of those three have ended up in New York (Cruz and Drew are still unsigned), the Mets addressed needs.

The first signing came with Chris Young. Young spent last year playing outfield for the Oakland Athletics. A player who never lived up to his potential, he still adds depth to an outfield that was desperately lacking production.

Next, was an impact bat in the form of Curtis Granderson. Granderson spent his most recent years across town, racking up some serious home run totals–108 in his first three years (last year he only played 61 games). Granderson gives the Mets what they’ve been lacking for a long time, a power threat.

Finally, the Mets signed starting pitcher Bartolo Colon. Colon may be 40, but his age hasn’t slowed him down. Last year he pitched to a 2.65 earned run average. Colon fills the void left by Matt Harvey and then stretches out the rotation for 2015.

The Mets get a  B- so far during this offseason. They showed their aggressiveness by adding an extra year to Granderson’s and Colon’s deal.

Granderson isn’t exactly raw power, as being away from Yankee Stadium will most likely cause his home run totals to drop. Colon should add a lot to this team, but with him being a year older, watch for innings to drop. Also, the team can’t expect him to make a big impact the following year. The Young signing doesn’t make much sense. All it does is add depth. Young doesn’t add much offensively and a cheaper player could have been found.


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