Mike Redmond May Be On The Hot Seat For Miami Marlins

By Larry Walansky
Mike Redmond
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

There hasn’t been any outright reports of Mike Redmond being on the hot seat, but it is not a crazy thought to think he is, or will be, if the Miami Marlins are buried in the standings come mid-season. While the roster is not a playoff roster, according to the majority of experts, owner Jeffrey Loria has been known to have lofty expectations for his team. The additions of Jarrod Saltalamacchia among others should only fuel those expectations for the front office.

There’s nobody who can blame the 100 losses in 2013 on Redmond legitimately, but he did make a few questionable moves along the way and could have been responsible for a few of the defeats. Those mistakes were chalked up to a rookie manager learning the ropes, as well as the fact that nobody is perfect. Going into his second year as a big league manager, these moves will be under a microscope, and if Redmond makes a few more, it could lead to his early dismissal when dealing with a well known volatile front office. Also working against Redmond is his contract, as he will become a lame-duck manager going into 2015 should he stick around. This means that if he lasts the full year, the Marlins will likely have to extend him at that point or dismiss him, because a lame-duck manager is often not a good situation for anyone.

Of course, there’s a chance that the Marlins play well and close to .500 ball. That would certainly be enough even to anyone with the loftiest of expectations coming off a 100 loss season; that won’t be easy with the current roster, but it’s doable. It’s probably unfair that Redmond could be in this position, but it comes with the territory of managing a franchise where Ozzie Guillen was shown the door after one season when the team did not meet expectations. Joe Giradi also had an early exit, despite winning manager of the year and exceeding most expert predictions, though that was likely due to some insubordination early in his term.

It’s possible Redmond is completely safe no matter how the Marlins perform in 2014, but the likelihood is that it is the opposite and that he’s going to need an improvement towards the .500 mark if he wants to stick around in the dugout.

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