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5 Options for Alex Rodriguez’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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5 Options for Alex Rodriguez’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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Something about the way New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is dealing with his very unique situation is extremely admirable. I realize some will disagree with that statement but it is true at least from a certain point of view. Put yourself in his shoes.

Literally everyone that has ever called him anything good outside of his closest friends and family think he is a dirty rotten cheater and the embodiment of baseball evil. Yet, this guy simply went out in 2013, target firmly in place on his back, and played one heck of a shortened season with a smile on his face.

I very seriously doubt anyone else on Earth could have done a better job at downplaying one of the most ridiculously large suspensions in the history of baseball. This is a guy who is persecuted by some of his own fellow players for using an appeals process that nearly every single one of them uses whenever they are suspended even for three games. Yet his outward demeanor has remained playful and cheerful. How does he do it?

In the end it really doesn’t matter how he does it. What matters is that this guy has a very real chance to get his suspension lessened greatly and that would mean he has to prepare for the upcoming 2014 season. After all it seems to me that someone that is able to remain as relaxed as he is might just actually have that great of a set of evidence. Don’t be surprised if he suits up on Opening Day; just saying.

Anyway, all of that legal stuff aside, A-Rod still gets a New Year’s Resolution just like everyone else. No, Bud Selig didn’t take that away too to try and make up for not being able to suspend Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire. What then should be the focus of A-Rod’s resolution? For baseball terms here are five options he would be wise to choose from. Feel free to leave a comment below and let your opinion be heard.

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5 – To Stay Healthy

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Many of us forget how special of a baseball player Alex Rodriguez is. No matter what you saddle upon his character, the man can flat play the game of baseball as good as anyone today. He has to make a very determined effort to stay healthy because he has to go out there and play like he did at the end of 2013. Good play cures most ills, even for A-Rod.

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4 – To Play Well on the Field

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Some say the court antics of A-Rod have been planned and some say it has all been legit. I can imagine being upset if I thought I was being suspended for 211 games for next to nothing. That is all going to fall into the background when and if he takes the field though. When that happens A-Rod can silence critics by doing just what he did last season; being a great teammate and a great baseball player.

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3 – To Buy Lawyers Dinner for a Year

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Whatever shape it takes, A-Rod has a ton to be thankful for in the way of his lawyers. I’m sure they are very comfortable financially but he should buy them a dinner, a candy bar or something for giving him the chance to continue playing baseball.

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2 – To Be Nice to Every Member of the Media Everywhere

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Some of what A-Rod has to overcome is with public opinion and like it or not a lot of public opinion is swayed by the media or at least what we see when someone like him is on television being asked tough questions. When he responds in a respectful way and even in humorous ways to most every single person, we see that he really isn’t quite as evil as Selig would have us all believe.

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1 – Convince Barry Bonds to Come Out of Retirement

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The headline there is a little bit tongue-in-cheek. Point being that A-Rod is clearly a fall guy for a generation of PED users in baseball. Bonds’ helmet famously changed sizes along with everything else. Those two weren’t the only ones either with Mark McGwire and the list goes on and on. Are we to really think that the officials had no idea that this stuff was going on? It seems ironic that A-Rod is getting the suspension that the officials, and Selig himself, refused to give back when there was a world famous home run chase going on in St. Louis. Maybe if he could convince these guys to come back out of retirement, the baseball officials would pick on someone else for a while.