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5 Options for Derek Jeter’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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5 Off-Field Goals for the Captain in 2014

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Derek Jeter is an iconic baseball player and one of the greatest New York Yankees of all-time. He is living out a childhood dream of playing for his favorite team. He is beloved in New York and was the youngest Yankee ever to be named Captain. He has over 3,000 career hits, a career .312 batting average and five World Series rings. He boasts a .351 BA in the World Series and has earned nicknames like “Captain Clutch” and “Mr. November” with his postseason heroics.

He owns beautiful homes, one of which is a 30,000-square-foot mansion in Tampa. He has been romantically linked to some of the world’s most beautiful women, including Jessica Alba and Minka Kelly. He pals around with New York celebrities like Jay Z. It sounds like he is doing pretty well. What could this guy possibly have to work on in 2014?

As far as baseball goes, Jeter signed a new one-year, $12 million deal with the Yankees for 2014, so his contract situation is settled for the time being. On the field, his goals should be pretty obvious. After missing most of last season due to injuries, remaining healthy is at the top of his mind. Winning another World Series would be nice. Jeter isn’t getting any younger, and another ring would be a fine addition to his haul of hardware.

Stay healthy and win No. 28 - that’s pretty much it for Jeter as far as baseball goes. Let’s look at some other resolutions that the Captain might have off the field in 2014.

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5. Get CPR Certified

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Last week we learned about incident that occurred during an event honoring Jeter in New York. Based on an eyewitness account, a man in attendance began to suffer from what appeared to be a heart attack. A person at the same table called 911 and gave the man Advil. Meanwhile, DJ2 came over, crouched down over the man, and flashed him a winning smile. In a photo snapped of the moment, the man appears to be awake and reaching out to Jeter. Now, as charming as that face is, it probably won’t always be a good substitute for emergency care in life threatening situations. In 2014, Jeter should get CPR certified just in case.

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4. Beef up Security at St. Jetersburg

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Derek Jeter is a private guy. Despite being one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet, he has managed to keep his personal life relatively quiet over the years. How does he do it? Apparently, he has a no cameras, no phones policy at his massive estate in Florida. Guests are asked to place their mobile devices into a basket upon entrance into “St. Jetersburg” as the locals call it. Even though this policy is a good one, it’s not foolproof. And now that the world knows about his security tactics they will be easier to work around.

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3. Get the Number for Kobe’s Doctor in Germany

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Obviously, 2013 was a rough year for the captain, health-wise. He was limited to just 17 games after suffering several setbacks during his recovery from a broken ankle. Inflammation was a problem, something Kobe Bryant knows a lot about with his knee woes. Jeter needs to call Bryant’s doctor in Germany and get some information on the Regenokine program. The procedure involves manipulating an athlete’s own blood to separate it into discreet parts. Then, a resulting yellow fluid rich with natural healing elements is injected back into the affected area on the athlete, increasing the body’s own natural healing process and reducing inflammation. Jeter is wasting precious offseason time by not jet setting off to Germany regularly. Those 940 base knocks needed to catch Pete Rose aren't going to hit themselves.

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2. Complete “40 Before 40” Bucket List

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Derek Jeter has accomplished so much as a baseball player. But in 2014, he’ll turn 40, and he likely has some things he’d like to accomplish before then. He has already started his own publishing company and had a custom walk-up song written for him by The Roots. There has to be more. Perhaps the Captain would like to increase his desirability to the opposite sex by learning to play guitar or taking an Italian cooking class. Or maybe he’d like take one last risk in his 30s by skydiving into Yankee Stadium on Opening Day.

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1. Settle Down

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Mariano Rivera joked about getting a life-size doll for Jeter as a Christmas gift. That way the notorious bachelor could finally have a stable relationship. Actually Rivera joked that the reason for the gift would be so Jeter “would have a wife.” With the dark cloud of 4-0 looming upon him, will Jeter finally choose 2014 as the year to settle down? Don’t count on it.