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5 Options for Ryan Braun’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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5 Options for Ryan Braun’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution

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To say that the 2013 season and year as a whole was a tough one for Milwaukee BrewersRyan Braun would obviously be an understatement. Not only did he have a down year at the plate when he was out there but he also struggled with injuries. That of course was only added to by the PED suspension that finally seemed to slam the gavel down on whether or not the slugger had used the performance enhancers for a period of time. Yeah it wasn’t a great year.

As a matter of fact there might be no one in all of Major League Baseball that wants to see that calendar flip over to 2014 more than Braun. All of the years of denying any wrong-doing came crashing down and now he has a boatload of mistrust and even anger directed at him that can only be cured by a clean and dominant offensive season. Luckily for him, he is capable of that.

Given his unique situation, Braun really should be afforded more than just one New Year’s Resolution for the looming 2014. He should at least get two and maybe three things that he gets to chose to be determined to make happen next year. Considering his situation and from a standpoint of somewhat sympathy for him, because of his own actions mind you, here are options that he could chose for his resolution to help make the horrible 2013 be a distant memory.

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5 – To Keep Moving Forward

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Braun can do absolutely nothing about the things that have happened in the past. He is just like the rest of us when it comes down to it; human. With humanity comes mistakes and with mistakes comes consequences. There isn’t a person who has ever said something negative about Braun’s choices in his career that are not guilty of something else themselves. It is the way of life. Braun can only keep placing one foot in front of the other and refuse to look backwards except now and then so he remembers his path.

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4 – To Admit Any Wrongs From Now On

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As bad as it seems to be guilty of PED usage, one of the biggest things fans hold against Braun is that he allegedly lied about the PED use for years. In the future hopefully he has learned this lesson. It is always better to come clean first and deal with consequences then and there. Letting things fester with untruths is never a good option.

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3 – To Keep Being Nice

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As Braun continues to try and rebuild his image, he should make the number one priority to be nice to literally every single person he comes in contact with. It isn’t necessarily fair but right now he doesn’t have the free anger ticket that many MLB players enjoy. Even if he is thrown at he has to just shake his head and allow his teammates to take up for him. Be nice to absolutely everyone.

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2 – To Play Awesome Baseball

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Brewers fans are extremely upset right now and understandably so. However, a year where their team competes a little bit and Braun leads the charge with honest, clean and awesome baseball play. As strange as it is and right or wrong, a ton of ills can be fixed by playing great baseball.

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1 – To Never Take Anything Stronger than Tylenol Again

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This one kind of comes without saying. Braun has to stay clean from here on out even if a doctor prescribes him something iffy. He must keep crystal clear and clean from this point forward because baseball fans might forgive once but repeated offenses tend to anger them even more than the first one.