5 Reasons Why the New York Yankees Should Trade Alfonso Soriano

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5 Reasons Why the New York Yankees Should Trade Alfonso Soriano

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The New York Yankees didn’t re-sign Robinson Cano or Curtis Granderson but they have done plenty more besides not bringing those guys back. One of the more popular signings from the free agent market was World Series Champion center fielder former of the Boston Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury. While Ellsbury should bring a ton of defense and a new component offensively he also creates an issue in the outfield where they have too many starters.

Add to that the fact that the Yankees still have holes especially in the starting pitching and you get a perfect situation where a trade would work well for them. They only recently regained the services of Alfonso Soriano anyway so they could do without him especially if they are looking to gain a new offensive ability with the combined services of Ellsbury and Brett Gardner at the top of the batting order.

Soriano is certainly solid but playing him wouldn’t give them that component they want at the top of the line-up and keeping all four outfielders including Ichiro Suzuki wouldn’t make sense. There are five big reasons that point to Soriano, who will be solidly on the trade block this upcoming season just based on contract status alone, being the one that should be traded for return value this offseason.

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5 - $18M Contract

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Soriano is an impact player even at his slightly elevated age but he might not quite be worth $18M. With too many outfielders to field the Yankees might be able to do some serious damage to their pitching vacancies with a chunk of this contract off the books. Sure all but $5M is paid by the Cubs but that money could be spent on pitching and it could make him a much easier trade as well.

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4 – Too Many Outfielders

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No matter how you slice it there are only three positions in the outfield. With Soriano, Gardner, Suzuki and Ellsbury the Yankees have four starting outfielders without counting occasional starter and DH Vernon Wells. They simply have too many outfielders in the fold and someone will likely need to go. Can you really see one of those four riding the bench?

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3 – Desire to Keep Brett Gardner

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They wouldn’t trade Gardner to the Reds for Brandon Phillips for many reasons but one of them is definitely the fact that they love the idea of seeing Gardner and Ellsbury together in the batting order and in left and center field. It would take something amazing to make them part ways with Gardner. That leaves either Ichiro or Soriano as the odd man out.

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2 – More Value in Soriano Than Ichiro

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Since it is down to two possible odd men out in Ichiro and Soriano, many might think Ichiro just based on power and production numbers. Keep in mind however that Ichiro isn’t bound to play much longer and wouldn’t get very much in return on a trade if anyone would be interested at all. It would just make more sense to trade Soriano who is a free agent after this upcoming season.

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1 – Good Return Value

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Combined numbers last season put Soriano squarely and solidly over 100 RBI and over 30 home runs. That is someone that, because they won’t likely resign him for 2015, the Yankees could get a very good return for. They still need starting pitching help and could get an MLB ready starter possibly for Soriano if they play the game right.

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