Can Philadelphia Phillies Afford To Trade Jimmy Rollins?

By Rebekah Milsted
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Phillies rumors have been spreading over the last couple of days. One of the bigger ones going around is that the team is willing to trade shortstop Jimmy Rollins. Is that good for the team right now?

I would say no. The Phillies have yet to make a big move this offseason. If they make a big trade and get a decent bat, then maybe it could happen. However, Rollins is a reliable leadoff hitter and base-stealer. You may say Ben Revere could take over, but Rollins is still clutch in driving in runs along with getting in scoring position.

Last year may have not been his best, but he has something to prove this season. If the Phillies were to trade him, it would be a mistake as he has been one of the more reliable bats on the team.

Rollins finished the season with a .252 average. He was never a power hitter, but he has had better seasons. This was also a low RBI season for him as he only had 39. He usually gets around 60, which the Phillies need on offense. Rollins was disappointed with the offense he provided this season. He began trying to do whatever he could to get back on track. He will not want to disappoint the fans again this season.

The other problem with trading Rollins is that he has a no-trade clause in his contract. He has stated before that he wants to stay in a Phillies uniform. The Phillies should just focus on their real needs, which are the bullpen and maybe another starting pitcher. Rollins is perfectly fine as the shortstop, and the team should not give up on him yet.

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