Top 10 Most Hated Players in MLB

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Top 10 Most Hated Players in MLB

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With the MLB season now over and the postseason activities -- such as the Winter Meetings -- just beginning, now is the perfect time to talk about something that has to be on the minds of baseball fans everywhere: the most hated players in the major leagues. As we all know by now, baseball is filled with jerks and guys who care about nothing more than money.

As supposed role models, these guys are known for being hated in the sport and most guys are hated for different reasons while most are just jerks on and off the field as well as morons. In years past, we have seen guys like Barry Bonds come into the league as twigs and then bulk up so much that they hit home runs in their sleep. There was a reason for this drastic change in body size -- steroids, of course.

There were more hated players who took steroids other than Bonds, however. Rafael Palmeiro took steroids and lied about it and so did Roger Clemens. Both of those guys were some of the best at what they did in baseball history but they will forever have an asterisk next to their name.

There's something about players who take steroids, dominate baseball and then deny that they ever cheated that just makes people's blood boil. Bonds holds home run records, but he will forever be known as the oversized hitter who was only a huge power threat because of his rampant use of steroids -- oh, and the fact that he now looks like someone let the air out of his muscles.

Baseball nowadays has cracked down even more on those guys who try and cheat the system by juicing up to gain an advantage over the rest of the league. However, cheaters are not the only kinds of players on this list of most hated MLB players as jerks and bad teammates have also made an appearance.

Let's take a look at the list of the most hated players in MLB and let me know who I've missed.

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10. Delmon Young

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Delmon Young will always be remembered for his bat throw at an umpire during a minor league game that landed him in MLB hatred forever. However, he took it one step further by getting arrested the night before a game against the New York Yankees in a local bar, yelling anti-Semitic slurs while intoxicated -- he was arrested for aggravated harassment.

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9. Jonathan Papelbon

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Jonathan Papelbon is as fiery and out there as they come. He will strike you out, rub it in your face and make you feel ashamed for even trying to get a hit off him. While he tried to humiliate opponents at every opportunity, he also called fans his former team, the Boston Red Sox, hysterical when it comes to baseball and claimed they didn't know as much about the game as Philadelphia Phillies fans.

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8. Prince Fielder

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While you may be wondering why Prince Fielder is on a 'most hated' list, you may not know enough about his off-field personality. He may look like a big teddy bear on the field, but he has a terrible relationship with his father in which he is trying to be successful in spire of him. Also, it is rumored that he has a tendency to stiff servers when dining in at restaurants and being rude to reporters and fans.

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7. Bryce Harper

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Bryce Harper is young and talented and he will make sure every "bro" out there knows about it. Sure, he may get a bad reputation for being passionate about the game, but he comes off as a jerk and not too many veterans like his style. As a fan of baseball, it's hard to like a guy who comes into the league and acts like he's the best thing to ever pick up a bat.

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6. Josh Beckett

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Josh Beckett has been known as a head hunter -- someone who you don't want to get on their bad side. He will throw the ball up and in and provide some chin music if you're not careful just because he feels like it. He was also involved in a controversy in which it was reported he brought the idea of drinking alcohol during games to the Boston Red Sox clubhouse.

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5. Nyjer Morgan

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Nyjer Morgan has been considered a hated player for many different reasons. He was hated by his own fans for his non-caring attitude when he thought he knocked an Adam jones' fly ball over the fence for a home run, but it was still in play and he threw down his glove like a child, walking away from the ball as Jones recorded an inside-the-park home run.

He has been known to yell obscenities, start fights and he even threw a ball into the crowd one time and hit a fan in the face. Yes, he has been suspended multiple times for his idiotic actions.

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4. Manny Ramirez

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Manny Ramirez isn't technically in MLB anymore, but he is still hated for his "Manny being Manny" antics. He violated the league's drug policy twice and just has been known to do head-case things -- such as get arrested for a domestic assault on his wife in 2011, but charges were later dropped. Manny is trying to make a comeback to the league even though he's 41 years old and pretty washed up. Everyone just wants this guy to go away.

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3. A.J. Pierzynski

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A.J. Pierzysnki is on every 'most hated mlb players' list known to man and it's pretty obvious why that is. He is known as a bad teammate and someone that doesn't respect a player unless he has been in the league for a good amount of time. Pierzynski has been known for verbally attack his own pitchers as well -- imagine just how bad he is with the opposition.

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2. Ryan Braun

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Braun is one of those guys who lied to everyone under the sun about his illegal substance use and then later admitted it -- when it was already too late to win the respect of fans and fellow players. He lied to his family, friends and teammates about it and then looked like a fool when he was caught, giving baseball a black eye.

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1. Alex Rodriguez

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A-fraud, as he is known by baseball as, has violated the league's substance abuse rules and has lied about taking performance enhancers when everyone knows he has. It's one thing when a player admits he was wrong -- see Andy Pettite -- but when everyone knows you're a cheater and you can't admit it, you are in stage five denial and you are a snake.