Philadelphia Phillies Should Take A Look At Ryan Madson

By Rebekah Milsted
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the few teams who have yet to make a big move this offseason. The fans are patiently waiting for something to happen. Former Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson is attempting to make a comeback by holding private workouts for teams. The Phillies should take a look.

Sure, it would be a risk since Madson has been recovering from Tommy John surgery for two seasons, but the Phillies have already taken a risk. They have signed veteran players when they should be focusing on rebuilding. Taking a risk on Madson could help improve their bullpen.

Most of the arms in the pen last season were rookies. They could still have those rookie nerves. Also, Jonathan Papelbon was not the closer everyone was expecting him to be. He blew seven saves and had an ERA of 2.92. The Phillies have reportedly been trying to trade him. Madson has closer experience. Not to mention, the Phillies had the second-worst ERA in the NL with 4.32. That number includes the starting staff as well, but the bullpen had a share in it too.

Madson could turn out to be a secret weapon. When he was with the Phillies in 2011, he had an ERA of 2.37 in 62 games. He had 32 saves in 34 opportunities. He could be a secret weapon because no one has seen him in two seasons and would now know what to expect from him.

It was been suggested that the Phillies are close to their budget. Madson is trying to make a comeback. He is comfortable with this team and has parted ways with his agent Scott Boras. If the Phillies offered him a fair deal, I would say there would be a chance he’d take it. The team has yet to make a bold move and if they are not going to rebuild, then Madson seems to be a good choice.

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