Detroit Tigers Are Counting On Nick Castellanos

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers haven’t had a lot of big time prospects in the past few years. However, Nick Castellanos has been the one guy that even Dave Dombrowski, the man most famous for being willing to trade his mother if it got him a big name player, wouldn’t touch. The ceiling on this third baseman is so high that even when the Tigers had nowhere to put him and a trade seemed inevitable, the Tigers decided to try moving him to the outfield to see if they could give him a chance in Detroit. Everything changed when the Prince Fielder trade happened.

Suddenly, Castellanos went from a guy trying to change his entire position to now being looked at as the starting third baseman of the Detroit Tigers, a team that wants to win a World Series right away. Talk about being thrown into the fire. Castellanos is going to have to produce from the first pitch because the Tigers just can’t afford having an unproductive player at such a power-based position. To think he could post Miguel Cabrera or Fielder numbers now if ever is probably unfair, but if he has struggles, you can bet that the heat is really going to be on the organization to make moves. It is a gamble that the organization is willing to take.

Castellanos has earned the most trust a prospect can earn, and now will have a chance to be an impact player daily in the 2014 season. It is sort of like a protective father giving his car keys to his son for the very first time; you just hope you don’t receive a phone call saying he wrecked it near a 7/11. The keys are in Nick Castellanos’s hands now and all Tigers fans can do is hold their breath.

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