Detroit Tigers Need To Avoid Matt Kemp

By Brent Smith
Jayne Kamin-Oncea- USA TODAY Sports

Why is it that every time a player with a $100 million contract hits the market, the first team out of everyone’s lips for pursuing that player is the Detroit Tigers? Well, maybe it is because the Tigers have in the past been the team to go get those players, but this offseason has been a careful retooling to more balance and less bloated contracts, and it is in the Tigers best interest to not change up that plan for Matt Kemp. Sure, it would be fun to write about acquiring a once superstar who still has the potential to win MVP awards, but it was fun writing about Prince Fielder too, and sometimes what is fun to write about is not what is fun to watch on the field.

I know fans are restless because there isn’t that buzz player that has been signed by the Tigers this offseason, but sometimes you have to realize that the teams who tend to win championships in baseball rarely make buzz moves, but rather make layers of smaller moves that all pay off huge in the end. Take the Boston Red Sox last year signing Mike Napoli, Johnny Gomes and trading for guys like Koji Uehara; none of those moves were ever really big buzz moves, yet the Tigers sure found out how big they were in October. It may not look good right now, but the Tigers have gone out and done the little things this offseason to make them the next Boston Red Sox and need to avoid falling back into the old trap of trying to wow fans with big names.

Matt Kemp isn’t worth the risk and he isn’t the type of fit the Tigers need right now. Trading away Max Scherzer for Kemp would be reckless because then you are sacrificing the Tigers’ biggest asset which is starting pitching all for an injury-prone outfielder who has never taken his team to that next level the Tigers are looking for. There are better, more efficient moves available and while it may be fun to dream about, it should stay a dream before it becomes a nightmare.

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