Casey McGehee Will Outproduce Matt Dominguez in 2014

By Larry Walansky
Matt Dominguez
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When the Miami Marlins traded Matt Dominguez to the Houston Astros in 2012, they were looking to add a proven run producer and that’s why they went and acquired Carlos Lee.  As it turns out, the Marlins didn’t contend that season and the trade could easily be called a mistake in hindsight.  With a lack of depth in the farm system at third base, the Marlins had been scrambling to find a man for the hot corner until they signed Casey McGehee recently.  Dominguez had a good year for the Astros in 2013, especially from a power perspective, but McGehee will have a better year than Dominguez in 2014.

Consider the fact that Dominguez was never known as much of a hitter while in the minor leagues, he was always highly touted for his exceptional glove work.  Is it possible that he figured out the offensive side now that he is in the big leagues?  Yes, but that’s not a usual occurrence.  The more likely explanation is beginner’s luck coupled with a hitter friendly home park.  With pitchers now having a book on Dominguez, his offensive stats should take a hit in 2014.   Not just a minor hit either, but a steep decline that could even see his playing time diminish as the season wears on.

McGehee, on the other hand, has had offensive success in multiple seasons and is known for his bat rather than his glove.  His recent time in MLB did not go so well, but he had success before that and then showed that talent again in Japan in 2013.   In some ways, McGehee can become reminiscent of Jorge Cantu for Marlins fans.  A guy whose career had taken a downturn only to turn it around while playing for the Marlins en route to a tremendous 2008 season.   That’s the kind of season Marlins fans can expect to see from McGehee in 2014, and it’s a season that Dominguez will not be able to match in Houston.

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