Could The New York Mets Be Planning To Spend Big Next Offseason?

By Mike Cifarelli
Hanley Ramirez
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The New York Mets could be done this offseason and don’t appear to be very active on the trade market. However, with the signings of Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon, the Mets could be planning to make an even bigger impact next season.

In recent offseasons, the Mets have been very quiet. This year has been different, as the team made clear improvements. Granderson adds a much-needed bat and Colon fills in a big rotation spot. This could mean the Mets are looking to make a splash with next year’s free agent class. One clue to that is the age of the players they signed. Granderson is 33 and signed a four-year deal, and Colon signed a two-year deal at the age of 40. The Mets didn’t sign these guys in hopes of building a bright future, but to win now.

David Wright has been a fixture in the Mets’ lineup for nearly a decade, and he isn’t getting any younger. At 31, the Mets know Wright may only have a few big years left in him, and if they want to win, it’s time to make their move.

Next year’s free agent class has a ton of big time pitchers — Clayton Kershaw, Jon Lester, Homer Bailey, Max Scherzer, James Shields and Justin Masterson. While, some of these guys could sign extensions, chances are, at least a few will hit the market.

The hitting market is a little more scarce, but could open up if guys like Billy Butler, Denard Span, Nick Markakis and others don’t get their options picked up. Hanley Ramirez would headline next year’s class; J.J. Hardy is another shortstop who could be available.

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