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Ranking the Texas Rangers’ Top 10 Prospects Heading into 2014

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Ranking the Texas Rangers’ Top 10 Prospects Heading into 2014

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There has been a slight change in management for the Texas Rangers this offseason and it has created what would seem to be a rather large shift in the way things are done. They have brought on one of the biggest first baseman in the game and Prince Fielder came at the price of tons of millions of dollars over the next several seasons. Reportedly they are doing the same now with outfielder Shin-Soo Choo.

That might lead you to believe that they don’t have a very good farm system but that isn’t necessarily the case. Actually they have a few great prospects in there who might be blocked when it’s time for them to make a splash at the major league level. Then again, if the Rangers win a World Series with the paid-for line-up I doubt many fans will care except those who care about winning five years down the road as much as now.

Nonetheless there is hope for the future of the Rangers. Some are good and have moved up in the rankings after the 2013 season and others didn’t fair too well at all. So much is in the area of faith with prospects though as they more times than not are worth more than what they show in statistics. Be sure to leave a comment below in the comments section if you have something to add, including how you think the departure of Nolan Ryan might affect this list in the future.

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10 – Luke Jackson

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Jackson is a right hander with the potential to have four plus pitches. If he works on his stuff and keeps command throughout the next season you’ll see this guy move more than just a couple of spots up the prospect ladder.

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9 – Cody Buckel

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Buckel still has promise but he has more work to do than anyone on anyone’s top ten prospect list. This righty dropped from the 4 spot to 9 after a season where he pitched 10 innings and logged an ERA well over 20.00. One major reason was clearly his command as he issues almost 40 walks over that period of work.

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8 – Jairo Beras

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Beras is expected to be one of those rare players that has all five major tools working for him in the outfield. That is to say he has the potential to be a good to plus hitter with power who has speed, a great arm and can field his position. For now he has three of the five with the hitting and power needing work.

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7 – Ronald Guzman

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Guzman has a chance to be one of those players who can hit so well that he has a guaranteed spot on a roster even though he cannot field that well. He could also be tailor made for the DH hole as well sometime in the future but he would work fine at first base if the position were available.

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6 – Wilmer Font

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Font came off of a 2012 Tommy John surgery to have a dominant 2013 out of the bullpen. They appear to be grooming him for the closer role and he nabbed 14 saves in 2013 with a great ERA.

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5 – Joey Gallo

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Gallo isn’t going to be a five tool player because he can’t run very well. Other than that this third base prospect, number 9 overall third base prospect in the game has the other four well in the works to add to his résumé.

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4 – Rougned Odor

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The Rangers aren’t exactly looking for a second baseman although they did just trade Ian Kinsler away. Regardless, Odor is the fourth ranked second base prospect in baseball for a few reasons. He could make a lot of noise in Arlington if he has another plus minor league season in 2014.

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3 – Michael Choice

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The Rangers have gotten some flack for moves made of late but the trade that brought them Choice was at least one that added some power and hit potential to the outfield crop. Even with the addition of Choo, he could most certainly contribute immediately for the Rangers in 2014.

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2 – Luis Sardinas

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Elvis Andrus isn’t exactly looking over his shoulder at shortstop for the Rangers but Sardinas does provide a very interesting option at short or another infield spot. He has a very effective slap type hitting style like Ichiro made famous most recently and could have an impact in the majors within the next couple of years easily.

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1 – Jorge Alfaro

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Every team has at least one prospect that they could place their franchise stamp on proudly and Alfaro is that guy for the Rangers. He is the fourth ranked catcher in the game and has absolutely every tool he could need to be the best everyday catcher the Rangers have seen since Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez.