Scott Boras Is Trying To Match Players With The New York Mets

By Mike Cifarelli
Scott Boras
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With his biggest clients (Jacoby Ellsbury and Shin-Shoo Choo) signed, super-agent Scott Boras is now trying to find homes for two more. Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales are still looking for that big deal, and Boras has one team in particular on his mind.

That team would be the New York Mets. Boras is one of, if not the, most notorious agents in the MLB. He has created a habit of getting players exactly what they want. Always representing the biggest names, Boras casts a huge shadow, which makes owners cringe when his name is heard.

With the hitting market becoming for scarce, Boras knows Morales’ and Drew’s phones will be ringing. That doesn’t stop the man from trying to find the best deal he can. He must believe that best chance comes with the Mets.

Looking at the Mets from the outside, you can see the team has made some kind of commitment to winning, first with the signing of Curtis Granderson, and then Bartolo Colon. Boras may be thinking, “Why stop there?” And he could be right.

The big thing going for Boras is that next year’s free agent class doesn’t represent many impact hitters; It is very heavy in starting pitchers. Guys like Billy Butler or J.J. Hardy could be on the wishlist for the Mets, but both would be highly recruited and more than likely demand more money.

This offseason hasn’t been earth shattering, but it does show that the Mets are trying to build a playoff contender. I’ve written in the past about how the Mets could be holding to a $40 million payroll increase, but if either Morales or Drew lower their asking price, a deal could be worked out.

Signing two guys who may have their best years behind them shows the Mets aren’t looking five years into the future, but the here and now.

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