Detroit Tigers' Secret Weapon Is Drew Smyly

By Brent Smith
Kyle Terada- USA TODAY Sports

Many Detroit Tigers fans were shocked and confused when Doug Fister was traded away and for good reason, but the Tigers do have a secret weapon up their sleeve to counteract that trade, and his name is Drew Smyly.

Smyly has been one of the most underrated players in all of baseball, providing the Tigers with a bullpen presence as a left-hander that they haven’t had in a very long time. While the Tigers will miss his presence in the bullpen, they will be depending on him even more and people will start understanding how important Smyly is to this team.

The pressure is on him to deliver as he will probably be held unfairly to Fister’s standard, but if Smyly can come in and be the efficient and effective starter he has proven to be in his spot starts, the Tigers can be even better than they were last year. Smyly not only has great stuff, but his left-handed pitching is so valuable to a team that did not have a left-handed starter in their rotation last season.

He creates a different look to the rotation and adds a versatility to an already-dangerous starting rotation.

If Smyly can be as good as he was in the bullpen, the Tigers’ rotation is still going to be the best in all of baseball, and it will be set for a much longer time than it would have been with Fister. Smyly is still extremely young and if he can keep improving, the sky is the limit for him. The Fister trade was disappointing, but Smyly will make it a little easier to stomach.

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