How Long Can Philadelphia Phillies Keep Current Lineup?

By Rebekah Milsted
David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The days are continuing to go on and the Philadelphia Phillies have yet to make the headlines. They are actually making the headlines by failing to make a move to their lineup. After the holidays are over, the focus will be on Spring Training. It seems as if the Phillies will be heading down to Clearwater, Florida with almost the same lineup as last season.

2013 was one of their worst seasons in a long time along with no playoff appearance for the second consecutive year. How much longer can GM Ruben Amaro Jr. think its okay to stay with this lineup?

Something has to change as soon as possible. Every team has been trying to improve this offseason. The Phillies have barely done anything. They believe their current lineup is going to win games. Last season, the Phillies only pulled off 73 wins and a losing record. How are they going to win more if they have the same lineup? The players just got a year older and I believe since they are getting older, they have a higher chance of getting injured.

It seemed that near the end of last season, Amaro had decided that the Phillies were going to start to rebuild and become a younger team. Instead, they have a veteran infield and pitching staff. I am not saying that they still can’t perform at times, but they are not consistent. The Phillies need to add a power hitter along with powerful pitching.

There are some people in the world who don’t believe that change is a good thing, and maybe Amaro is one of those people. He better change that mentality quickly because who knows how long the rest of the Phillies’ front office can take. Something needs to happen with this Phillies lineup, and it needs to happen before April.

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