New York Mets Rumors: Is Stephen Drew Becoming An Option?

By Bryan Zarpentine
Robert Deutsch – USATODAY Sports

After the New York Mets failed to make a trade during the MLB Winter Meetings or soon there after, it was beginning to look more and more likely that Ruben Tejada would return as the team’s every day shortstop in 2014. However, agent Scott Boras has recently started chasing down the Mets with the hopes of talking to them about Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales. Considering the cantankerous relationship Boras has had with the Mets in the past, Boras initiating talks with the Mets could mean Drew is on the table to sign with them.

If Boras is coming to the Mets, it could mean that the market price for Drew is on the way down, perhaps to a price that the Mets are willing to pay. With the Boston Red Sox trading for Jonathan Herrera, it’s less likely that Drew will return to Boston, although it’s not impossible. Outside of a return to Boston, the big spending New York Yankees are another possibility for Drew, although the Yankees are still trying to figure things out at the shortstop position. That leaves the Mets as a viable option for Drew, if the price is right.

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has been hesitant to guarantee a multi-year contract to Drew, much like the other teams interested in him, as next year’s free agent class at shortstop has more options than this year’s class. If Drew is willing to accept a two-year contract, or possibly even a one-year contract, the Mets should certainly be interested in Drew, especially since it’ll be years until one of their top shortstop prospects will be ready.

If the Mets were to sign Drew, it would further signal that the Mets are trying to win in 2014 and no longer just planning for the future. Of course, the Mets will likely have to free up some money in order to sign him, but for the right price having a more reliable veteran at shortstop instead of hoping that Tejada rebounds next season could go a long way towards making the Mets contenders in 2014.


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