New York Mets Rumors: Team Should Stay Away From Kendrys Morales

By Bryan Zarpentine
Kendrys Morales
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With the rumor that agent Scott Boras is chasing down the New York Mets to discuss free agents, shortstop Stephen Drew and first baseman Kendrys Morales could become realistic possibilities for the Mets to sign this offseason. But while Drew is someone worth pursuing for the right price, the Mets would be wise to stay away from Morales.

The Mets’ situation at first base is complicated enough without adding Morales to the equation. It has been a struggle for the Mets to trade Ike Davis as they don’t want to give him away and get nothing in return, and if they’re unable to trade Davis or Lucas Duda, they would have far too many options at first base if Morales were to join the mix. It would also be difficult for the Mets to afford Morales if they’re unable to save money by trading Davis, Duda, or Daniel Murphy.

Signing Morales would also mean giving up a draft pick, which would be a hindrance. While the Mets’ first-round pick is protected, they lost their second round pick when they signed Curtis Granderson. Signing either Drew or Morales would cost them their third-round pick and possibly their fourth if they sign both, although that scenario is highly unlikely.

The Mets believe in building the foundation of their team with a strong farm system, and giving up multiple draft picks would go against that philosophy.

Unless the price for Morales drops considerably, the Mets shouldn’t entertain the possibility of signing him. Drew would fill a need that they have, while Morales would just complicate things further. However, with Boras being the one trying to persuade the Mets, it’s nice to have some leverage with the top agent in baseball, which could help pay dividends for the Mets at a later time.

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