New York Mets Still Have Moves to Make

By Mike Smith
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In recent weeks, the New York Mets have made a lot of noise with some offseason acquisitions. The team started out by nabbing outfielder Chris Young, a move that underwhelmed many fans. However, just when fans thought they would see another offseason go by without the team going after a big free agent, the Mets signed another outfielder, Curtis Granderson, to a four-year deal.

The Granderson signing brought some much needed power to the lineup and it was the first time in years that Mets’ management showed the fan base that they were ready to be contenders. Unfortunately for Mets fans, it brought back memories of the last time the Mets brought in a big free agent, an outfielder named Jason Bay, and we all know how that turned out.

Then the Mets signed pitcher Bartolo Colon to a two-year deal, a deal that wasn’t as sexy, but was just as important because it added some much needed depth to the rotation. Despite the well known starting pitching prospects in the Mets farm system, it is not known when, or if any of them will be MLB ready this year.

These deals bring a lot to the Mets in 2014, but this team is not complete. Championships aren’t won by signing guys like Granderson and Colon, those guys are important, but it’s the lesser players who can put a team over the top. It’s the classic cliché of a team is only as good as their weakest player, and that’s the part of the roster the Mets need to bolster.

This past Monday, the Mets claimed pitcher Ryan Reid from the Pirates off waivers. Reid is not a headline-grabbing name, but this move is still a good start, the Mets desperately need depth in their bullpen, going after big name bullpen guys never pays off in MLB, so it is always best to build depth and stick with what works.

Mike Cifarelli of Rant Sports wrote about Scott Boras and his push to get two of his clients, Kendrys Morales and Stephen Drew, deals with the Mets. The biggest problem with these players is their asking price, as Cifarelli stated. I agree, and I feel the best move for the Mets is to wait them out and see if the asking price goes down, otherwise they need to move on to other options.

Both Morales and Drew would fit well with the Mets, but if they can make it work, the Mets need Drew. Drew won a World Series last year with the Boston Red Sox and he was a valuable member of that team. Despite only hitting .253, Drew still drove in 67 runs last year, out of the bottom of the Red Sox lineup. Drew would be a vast improvement over Ruben Tejada, who is the only legitimate option in the Mets organization right now.

Whether they go with Morales or Drew, or neither, the Mets need to add solid players that can help win games. 2014 is going to be rough, but when Matt Harvey returns after a year on the shelf, and prospects like Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud have a chance to mature and contribute, the Mets could be World Series contenders in 2015.

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