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Ranking the Milwaukee Brewers’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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Ranking the Milwaukee Brewers’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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At times in Major League Baseball roles can emerge for certain teams. Power-house teams can become a villainous type group while the underdogs of the season are the overall fan-favorites for the season. It can be easy to feel kind of sorry for a team that has had several things go against them over a period of time. The Milwaukee Brewers might not like it but some could easily see them as a bit of a victim of late.

Their best player for the last several seasons has become one of the hated faces for the PED scandals in the game. Ryan Braun is not a bad guy at all but he has emerged as someone that no one can trust and the Brewers have to trust that he will show up all season long. How should they react to that? There are more situations that went against them.

If Braun has been their best player than Carlos Gomez could easily be called their most promising player overall for the next several seasons. Yet he at times can be streaky and has had clear anger problems on the field that have hurt his team. Corey Hart had a great season in 2012 only to miss all of 2013 to injury and then surprise everyone by signing elsewhere instead of returning to the Brewers who he had said he would return to for less money.

There is little good in sitting around and being a victim of life however and I’m sure the Brewers agree with that. How then do they get themselves in the top few teams of the National League Central and away from the cellar? Here are five needs that the Brewers have before the 2014 season. Leave a comment below if you so choose.

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Get Behind Ryan Braun

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No one can do anything about the past. Neither the Brewers or Braun can take back what has happened with the PED scandal or suspension. Braun still has the ability to be one of the best outfielders in the game and the Brewers could compete if they play extremely well and stay focused. One key way to start this off is that they need to support and get behind Braun as their everyday outfielder and star player from the very start of Spring Training. Anything else will only create a riff on the roster at best.

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Create Spring Training Pitching Competition

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There are some young pitchers and hot prospects for the Brewers. They could potentially have more than the five rotation spots ready to fight for those spots in Spring Training. Competition would be a good way to push the older guys and to light a fire under the prospects to make that leap to the bigs as well.

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Trade Aramis Ramirez

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Ramirez is going to be a free agent after the 2014 season and most would expect him to go the way of so many others and leave Milwaukee. If the slight shortage of third base bats continues there could be teams willing to give up pitching or even third base prospects to get a good potential bat at third like Ramirez.

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Trade Rickie Weeks

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Word is that the Brewers are very interested in trading Rickie Weeks before the season starts. That might not be incredibly surprising to anyone but they also haven’t found much interest, or didn’t at the Winter Meetings. Getting a place for Weeks that will return a prospect or two for him would be ideal.

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Put Someone at First Base

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The Brewers lost Corey Hart when they thought they had him returning. That stinks but there are other possibilities out there. It has been noted that they are not going to give up a compensation draft pick to sign a big name free agent but there are middle of the road names available via trade and other bigger names like Adam Dunn could be real possibilities as well. Dunn might be a great man for the role at first to bring pop to the lineup and someone to bridge the gap until Hunter Morris is ready.