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Ranking the New York Mets’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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Ranking the New York Mets’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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When the New York Mets brought in Chris Young and Curtis Granderson it looked like they were really about to make some moves during the offseason. Since that time however there hasn’t been a lot of activity other than the minor move here or there. Though minor moves more than have their place in the offseason, some fans clearly want to see the Mets go out and spend some money since they finally have some to spend.

I think the best thing for the Mets to do is just what they are doing. They have improved the team. It isn’t enough to make them a favorite for sure but they are going to probably be better if the pitching staff can come along and pick the team up now and then. Offensively they should have more support for David Wright now than in the last several years and that could be a really good thing for him and the team.

All of their needs are not filled however. They still have a couple of things that need to be either hoped for or completed to consider the offseason a true success. Those final several moves are not exactly easy though and there is no guarantee that the GM or the fans especially will be happy with the moves they end up making. Here are five big offseason needs for the Mets that could make them better if addressed properly. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comments section.

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Bring in Starting Rotation Competition for Spring Training

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The Mets are going to be less than full strength anyway without Matt Harvey. What they really need to do is sign some guys, not legends but just good pitchers, to minor league deals and create competition. Nothing would push a bunch of veteran minor league guys like competing for a roster spot and nothing would push a bunch of young starters like competing with veterans. It would be a decent situation for the Mets to create.

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Thicken Bullpen

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Most teams could use some better things happening in the bullpen and the Mets are no exception. For a team that wants to compete more than in years past, they will need probably two or more solid and proven relief pitchers making regular contributions of a high level would be the best option for this need to be filled.

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Stick With Ruben Tejada

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There are murmurs that the Mets are going to allow the improved offense to help them keep Ruben Tejada. For now that probably would be a good bet. They aren’t likely to get a much better option on the open market that they want to keep for an extended period of time anyway. Keep Tejada and if he doesn’t do the job again, give his job to the best performing young guy that can handle it.

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Settle First Base Situation

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Whether the Mets trade Ike Davis or Lucas Duda is uncertain. What is for sure is that they plan to trade one of the two. I would probably say they should opt for trading Davis but the teams interested might be the ones to say that. One of the two should be traded before spring training if the price is right.

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Keep Daniel Murphy

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Second base is not always one of the more productive positions on the diamond but the Mets got a lot of good out of Murphy in 2013. There surely would be teams interested but the Mets rightfully were asking for the moon. Sometimes that price goes down and a team like the Mets could trade him for decent return. I think they should keep Murphy because of how unlikely it is that they find someone else to provide what he is capable of providing this season.