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Ranking the Toronto Blue Jays’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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Ranking the Toronto Blue Jays’ 5 Biggest Offseason Needs

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Last offseason the Toronto Blue Jays filled all kinds of holes with trades and such. Apparently they didn’t fill any needs that really needed to be filled however because during the regular season the Jays made a big flopping sound against the rest of the American League East. Nothing is going to be easier this season as the New York Yankees are back and the other teams are improving at the very least. What then will the Jays do?

There are any number of things they could do but they need to keep their farm system intact for whatever they do. Too many players have gone out with not enough coming back in. If that continues the obvious result will be a weak farm system. No one in a Jays uniform wants that. What can they do to improve their chances this offseason of not flopping into the season the way they did last season?

Unfortunately there is no move guaranteed to do anything but they can make smart moves and non-moves that will only improve and probably not do any harm to the team. A lot of pieces from the team that was supposed to compete one year ago are still there and the additions they have made so far this offseason should help. Let’s look at a few needs that they have going into the second half of the offseason. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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5 – Give Munenori Kawasaki a Real Chance

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The Jays recently signed Kawasaki to a minor league deal which is great. What many fans and I would like to see is for them to do exactly what they suggest they might do. They need to give Kawasaki a fighting chance in spring training to win a roster spot. Chances are, if they honestly give him a chance, he’ll make them glad they did. Who knows? He might just be the answer at second base.

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4 – Flip Relief Depth

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The Blue Jays have about 20 pitchers on their current depth chart. It’s great to have options but that’s way too many. The really good news is that they can flip that pitching depth into a trade that gives them something in return. Even if it is just decent prospects, it would be worth it in the right deal.

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3 – Create Starting Rotation Competition

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Every single starting pitcher needs to go out and earn their spot in Spring Training. Possibly the ace of the staff, providing he is a proven ace over time as R.A. Dickey as been, could be exempt but even that I question. I think it would be great for the team to throw seven or eight starters out there and just see which ones perform the best in the spring. Chances are it wouldn’t be very surprising in the end but how much more prepared for a great season would the players who won a spot be?

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2 – Trade Adam Lind Only for Right Price

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I like the idea to trade Lind to a team that is desperate for a first baseman. Lind however was good for quite a good bit of punch in the line-up last season with over 20 home runs. That might not mean the world but it is better than nothing. If they don’t like someone’s offer they should just keep Lind until someone is willing to pay what they want.

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1 – Consider Adding Outfield Punch

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The Jays have outfielders enough to go through the season but they could use a little more pop if one of their other trades is big enough to include a little more pop in the outfield positions. Something about having more power in the outfield positions makes a fan feel much better about his team’s chances. I’m sure that is for very good reasons.