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5 Reasons Why the Washington Nationals Should Trade Ross Detwiler

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5 Reasons Why the Washington Nationals Should Trade Ross Detwiler

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It has been an eventful offseason for the Washington Nationals and they have absolutely refaced the franchise with just a few moves. The signing of Matt Williams as the manager did that all by itself really. Landing Doug Fister as a starting pitcher just added to the already high expectations for a team that was considered a failure to their expectations in 2013. Have they done enough to realize their expectations for 2014? Time will tell.

One thing is for certain, they have too many starting pitchers. A team that already seemed to be loaded with starting pitchers now has too many. It would stand to reason that they would benefit from trading one of the back side starters that is still plenty good enough to bring them a good return on the trade market. That starter could be Ross Detwiler.

What follows are five reasons why the Nationals should seriously consider trading Detwiler. In addition to those is the fact that it wouldn’t be a terrible loss in the first place. Detwiler could probably use a fresh start on things where perhaps he could be higher up on the ladder than he is in Washington. There is a comments section below. Feel free to use it and let your opinion be heard if you have something to say.

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5 – Extra Pitching Can Fill Other Needs

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Whenever a team has extra pitchers that they don’t need, there is a team somewhere close that needs more pitching and is willing to pay for it. Flipping a pitcher, even a decent one, that the team doesn’t really have slot for is a great way to help fill other needs on the team.

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4 – Contract Control

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Detwiler is still early enough on his career track that he has a couple of years of contract control left. He won’t be a free agent until 2016 and that means the Nationals could ask more in return for his services and that other teams would likely pay more.

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3 – Still Has High Value

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Though he isn’t the ace of the staff he most certainly is considered a decent to plus pitcher in the big leagues. That means the Nats wouldn’t be looking at cash in return. Other teams would likely even part with a decent prospect for Detwiler considering how young he is and how much value he still has.

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2 – The Rotation is Full

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With the addition of Doug Fister to the starting rotation the Nationals have plenty of starters. Not only would they still have five without Detwiler but also would have at least one or two who could give them a little competition for the final spot in spring training if they so chose.

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1 – Doug Fister

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I’ve mentioned his name a couple of times but the easiest reason that Detwiler is expendable is the addition of Fister to the rotation. He isn’t going to be the ace of this staff but he deepens them to the point that their fourth starter will be good enough to be someone else’s one or two starter. Detwiler isn’t really needed because of that and could do well in a trade elsewhere.