Detroit Tigers Not Rebuilding, But Retooling

By Brent Smith
David Manning- USA TODAY Sports

A lot of talk has been going on within baseball circles that the Detroit Tigers are cutting payroll and maybe dialing back their budget. That talk has been consistent with a lot of what you hear from Tigers fans as well, but it is just simply not true.

The Tigers are not cutting back, but are instead reallocating money in smarter, more innovative ways. The payroll of the Tigers is actually still going up after this offseason, and while it is true that the Tigers are making moves to save money, it is only so they can reinvest that money back into better players and to re-sign superstars like Miguel Cabrera and Max Scherzer. This is not a rebuild, it is a retool.

If the last few years have taught Tigers fans anything, it should be that just throwing money blindly at every player that passes does not equal a championship. It is a lesson the Tigers have learned the hard way, and they have finally made an effort to dive deeper into problem areas making smaller, savvier moves that are going to make a gigantic impact in the long run.

The Tigers may not look as intimidating on paper, but being intimidating on paper isn’t what the Tigers or their fans should want. Being intimidating on the field is the only thing that should matter.

So while you may be bummed that the flashy names aren’t coming to Detroit this winter, keep in mind that good things come in small packages. The Tigers are finally valuing the small deals that are going to have a lasting impact for a much longer time than any mega contract would. The Tigers are not doing more with less, they are doing more with more.

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