Should New York Mets Fans Expect Ike Davis At First?

By Mike Cifarelli
Ike Davis
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets have been shopping Ike Davis since the offseason began, yet there have been no takers. With December closing and Spring Training inching closer, should fans expect Davis to be at first on Opening Day?

When Davis first came up, the sky was the limit. It looked as if the Mets would have a big bat in their lineup for another 10 years. However, Davis’ success quickly went away, just like his value. Now his future is in limbo as the Mets try to get something of value for a once highly thought of first baseman.

The Milwaukee Brewers looked to be the ideal partner, as the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates joined discussions, but still the Mets have found trouble creating a deal. That can be linked to the asking price of the Mets. The Mets most likely fear Davis going elsewhere and rediscovering himself. If Davis was traded for a couple so-so prospects, they, in return, would look foolish. However, that doesn’t mean teams will give up more on the hope his talent will resurface.

At this point, I believe Ike Davis will be on the Opening Day roster. The way I see it is the first baseman market is very thin and that still hasn’t forced teams to overpay on Davis. The Pirates and Brewers need a first baseman badly. As the season gets closer, that can cause a team to hit the panic button, but there is always the option of hoping a player becomes available mid-season or solving the problem in-house.

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